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The Best Restaurants/Snacks/Food Outlets in Mauritius - Meilleurs Restaurants de l'ile Maurice

In an attempt to showcase the most popular restaurants/food outlets in Mauritius, we have decided to launch a ‘first of its kind survey’. This survey is a short and sweet one as you are just requested to tell us your 5 favourite restaurants/Snacks/food outlet in Mauritius, where these are located, which dish they do best and why you like these restaurants. If you wish to list more than 5 restaurants please free but by order of preference. We are convinced there are some very nice restaurants or entrepreneurs who just deserve to earn recognition and this is an opportunity to promote them. Afterwards a ranking may be established. 

In order to participate in the survey, you are simply required to fill in the comments box below your five or more favourite restaurants/food outlets by order of preference. For example:

1.       XXXXX – found in grand baie, great Mine frire

2.       Etc

3.       .

4.       …

5.       ……..

We thank you for taking a little of your time to participate in our survey which hopefully will provide some relevant information to you when you are going out with friends or relatives.

Please note that your comment will appear as soon as it is validated by our team and not instantly. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks again.

The Bouzermaurice team

Jul 28, 2011
Comment Author Alain / Jul 29, 2011
1. Perron - Q.Bornes - Corn fish too good - for the food
2. King Dragon - Q. Bornes - Chinese food is great - Good value for money
3. Rosi Darbar - Port Louis - Indian food is good
4. Boulettes Palace - Q. Bornes - Boulettes n chinese food - excellent value for money
5. Debonnairs Pizza - Pizza franchise - Good overall

Comment Author Anjali / Jul 29, 2011
1.Namaste, Caudan - Very good Indian Food
2.Veggies- Jumbo Phoenix Foodcourt - Good Vegetarian food
3.Shabaan, St Jean - Best Kebab, Good Briyani
4.Perron, Q.Bornes - Good Corn fish
5.King Dragon, Q. Bornes - Chinese food is great - Good value for money

Comment Author Gunesh / Jul 30, 2011
1. Boulettes Palace - Quatre Bornes
2. Comronne restaurant - Nouvelle France
3. Ah Youn restaurant - Vacoas
4. Rajah restaurant - Flic en Flac
5. PEPE restaurant - Valetta

Comment Author isma / Jul 30, 2011
Chutney port-louis-very good indian food
Happy rajah quatre bornes-very good indian food
grand ocean port-louis-very good chinese food
choice palace-nice chinese food and affordable
Luigi's and mama mia's grand bay- good italian good
Le capitaine grand bay-excellent seafood

Comment Author Natasha/ 30.2011 / Jul 30, 2011
1.La Jongle,Grand Baie - agneau piment n onions,chinese food
2.Comelone,Nouvelle France -Poulet crouistillants,agneau black bean sauce
3.Palais de chine,Grand Baie - mixed veg salade,brede sauter poulet roti nice chinese food
4.Le Suffren,Flic en Flac - grilled chicken nice grilled food
5.King Dragon, Quatres Bornes - good chinese food

Comment Author mahi/30/2011 / Jul 30, 2011
Indian summer- R.hill-palak paneer, chiken butter, chiken tandori, naan,lemon rice

comlon- nouvelle france- riz frite,boule renverse

Algoo- St.pierre- mine bouille,riz frite,boulette

chutney-P. Louis-indian food

Namaste- caudan-Indian food

Comment Author DilSilva / Jul 31, 2011
1. Domaine Anna - Flic en flac. Chinese food
2. Dragon Vert - QB. snacks
3. King Dragon - QB. seafood
3. Shabaan - QB. Kebab
4. Boulettes Palace - QB. Boulettes

Comment Author Leyrisha / Jul 31, 2011
1. Shanghai Express - Astrolab Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis
2. Comlone - Nouvelle France
3. King Dragon - Quatres Bornes
4. City Delights, Chaussee str - Port Louis
5. Alla Roma pizza -complex of Medine Mews, Port Louis
6. La Jongle - Grand Baie
7. J & S restaurant - Goodllands

Comment Author Vishwas Adjodah / Jul 31, 2011
1. King Dragon - QB - Best Crabe aigre doux
2. Shabaan - QB - Kebabs
3. Le Bon Choix - QB - Best place to chill and Pain Agneau
4. Shamiana - RH - Very Good Indian Food
5. Veggies - Jumbo Phoenix - Good Maurtian Veg
6. Taste of Asia - Vacoas London Court - Best Thai Fried rice/noodles
7. Pepe - Flic en Flac - Pizza
8. La Gare Mahebourg - Chana Pouri
9. Hemraz Maraz - Champ de Mars - Dholl Puri

Comment Author Rajiv / Jul 31, 2011
1. Domaine Anna - Flic en flac - Nice atmosphere
2. First Restaurant - Port Louis - Chinese Food
3. Choice Palace - St Paul
4. Comlone Restaurant - Nouvelle France - Value for money
5. King Dragon - Q.Bornes Seafood
6. Le Chinois Restaurant - Port Louis - Chinese Food

Comment Author Rajiv / Jul 31, 2011
1. Blacksteer - P.Louis - Chinese
2. First Restaurant - P. Louis - Chinese
3. Domaine Anna - Flic en Flac - Chinese, European
4. Le Calife - P. Louis - Briani
5. King Dragon - Q. Bornes - Chinese
6. Le Chinois Restaurant - P. Louis - Chinese
7. Choice Palace - St Paul - Chinese, European and Mauritian

Comment Author somesh / Jul 31, 2011
1.Choice Palace - St Paul - Chinese, European and Mauritian
2.Comlone - Nouvelle France - Chinese
3.coolen- Grand Baie- European and Mauritian deg- Port Louis- briani
5.kbc- Port Louis- bbq,kebab

Comment Author shaina / Jul 31, 2011
1. Le Sultan- Port Louis- Libanese food
2. Imperial China- Trianon- Chinese
3. Domaine Anna- Flic en Flac- Chinese
4. Indra- Domaine les Pailles- Indian
5. Maison Eureka- Moka- Typical Mauritian
6. King Dragon- Quatre Bornes- Chinese
7. Namaste- Caudan- Indian cuisine
8. Chez Pepe- Valetta- Chinese
9. Le Bon Choix- Quatre Bornes- Grillade
10. Shabhaan- St Jean- kebab and Briani

Comment Author Kovila / Aug 1, 2011
1.Le Chinois-Port-Louis-best chinese food
2.Ah-Moy Restaurant-Port-Louis-execellent chinese food
3. KFC-Port-Louis-Proximity
4. Pizza Hut-Port-Louis- Double cheese for kids
5. Benny-B- Caudan- meilleur Boulette de lile

Comment Author Monisha / Jul 31, 2011
tandoori Express -plouis - indian food
king palace - plouis - chinese food
canton- plouis - bol renverse, riz frite, mine frite....
comlon- nouvelle france- riz frite,bol renverse
beer n spice - caudan- good pizza

Comment Author Jon bon jovi / Jul 31, 2011
1.Domaine Anna(whenever you go to a restaurant the main things that turns you on are: food quality, atmosphere, table setting, and service. Domaine Anna has all of these.
2.Dragon vert( The best place in Mauritius where you can eat a Bol Renverse)
3.Comlone Resto.(A jovial restaurant with excellent services where all types of income earners can afford to pay)
4.Oriental express(Very rapid service with good prices along with great quality of food depending upn plate chosen)
5.Shamiana Resto.(Great indian food are served there and the atmosphere is really an indian one-Mr. AneeroodJugnauth has been there ;) !)

Comment Author Lovina / Aug 1, 2011
1. Reve D'R - Petit Raffray - the best seafood and a very beautiful environment
2. Adrenaline Sports Bar - The Link Hotel - Ebene
3. Indian Summer - Rose Hill
4. La Belle Creole - Pointe D'Esny
5. Le Sultan - Lebanese - Port Louis
6. Domaine Anna - Flic en Flac - Chinese
7. Chez Pepe - Flic en Flac - Italian

Comment Author Big B / Aug 1, 2011
1. First Restaurant Port Louis - Chinese food
2. Bazaar Port Louis - Best typical mauritian menus - Dipain salade bringelle, gato pima, la daube poisson!
3. Clos St Louis - Best Frenchy menus and pastry in Mauritius
4. La Bonne Marmite Port Louis - Best Indian Food
5. Star Deg and Deg D'or - Best Briani

Comment Author Deepa / Aug 1, 2011
1. chutney- P.Louis -Indian Cuisine2. Happy Rajah-Quatre Bornes-delicious and spicy dishes..friendly atmosphere3. salaam Bombay-MokaThe selection of Indian dishes is quite impressive4. Hyderabad- P.Louis Indian 5. Namaste-caudan Indian6. comlone restaurant -Nouvelle Francechinese, mauritian

Comment Author S.hosanoo / Aug 1, 2011
1.Dragon vert 4born (best chinese food)
2 Domaine Anna flic en flac ( A class resto for special moment of life)
3 Gran ocean Caudan( nice place for open buffet)
4 Comlone port louis( affordable place to all income earners, rapid service for rush
5 Pakistan Port louis (24/7 open for typical food gato pima, hot tea)

Comment Author sheetal / Aug 2, 2011
1.comlone restaurant nouvelle france/rose hill/plouis -chinese food
2.domaine anna flic en flac(good food n very nice decor)
3.dragon vert-qbornes(poisson au gingembre)
4.chicken xpress-rose hill(mix grilled delicious)
5.sufren-caudan(very nice place n good food)

Comment Author Suntoshee GHURA / Mar 3, 2012
1.Domaine Anna - FLIC EN FLAC (location n deco is just superb)
2.Ah Youn - VACOAS (tasty chinese food)
3. Banana Leaf - PLOUIS (value for money)
4. Choice Palace - ST PAUL (nice food)
5. Le Saffran Lounge - FLIC EN FLAC (tasty Indian Food)

Comment Author Ram / Aug 5, 2011
As such, it is difficult to rank restaurants or food oulets in Mauritius as there are different types of restaurants such as Indian, Chinese, Mauritian, Cuisine metissee, Cuisine gastronomique etc. Personally, I prefer eating at home, healthier, according to my taste and cooked under conditions within my control, without forgetting cost. Going out to eat is mainly a socializing act and a time saver when we have not had the time to cook.
There are many good Chinese restaurants and snacks in Mauritius. In China Town in Port Louis- Lai Min, Le Chinois or City Orient for instance– there are also Choice restaurant St Paul or Imperial China, Trianon. The Comlone chain if we may call it this way provides good value for money Chinese food. Ah Youn in Flic en Flac and Vacoas…the classical ones
In terms of Indian food we can think of Chutney, Rosi Darbar Port Louis, Namaste- Caudan, and there is another one in Quatre Bornes which is quite good as well near le Bon Choix on St Jean Road but I don’t recall the name. Shamyana in Rose Hill is also known.
For Friday and Saturday night clubbers, Boulettes Palace, Le Bon Choix in Quatre Bornes - can be of great help. Boulettes palace has a wide range of products especially Chinese ones at a very reasonable price. Le Bon Choix provides a sandwich with sausage quite late at night. There is also Roberts in the same area. There is Gool in Beau Bassin as well.
As regards Poisson Corne, there is the Perron on St Jean Road or Montagne near Corps de Garde Mountain both in Quatre Bornes.
There are also experts in dholl purri and roti which is in itself a key branch in Mauritius as it represents maybe the cheapest and easiest way of getting rid of deep felt hunger. Dewa is a reference in Rose Hill, Vivi in Quatre Bornes and there are other ones in Port Louis at different street corners. The best Dholl purri sellers are easily identifiable by the length of the queue. How to forget Hakka Roti in Jardin de la Compagnie.
As regards Kebabs, there is Shabaan on St Jean Road, there is one on La Chaussee Street in Port Louis near Victoria House.
For Biryani, there are quite a few ones like Deg D’Or on Desforges street, Shabaan is also good, there is one of these vans which stops near the Kentucky on St Jean Road.
For veggies, there is Hare Rama Hare Krishna (Iskon) restaurant which provide quite reliable food for those who are fasting. These are found in Quatre Bornes near Shabaan, Rond Point Phoenix. There is also one near Casernes in Port Louis. If you are looking for cheap, veg food with reasonable quality, you can also have a go at Marmite Divine which is more of a snack but does not open beyond 6.30 pm generally speaking.
As for seafood, Le Capitaine and Grand Ocean are references and could mainly be for couples on special occasions. Grand Ocean is both in Caudan, Port Louis and Flic en Flac while Le Capitaine is at Caudan and in Grand Baie.
As for Gastronomique Cuisine, you will mainly find it in the 5 star hotels at a hefty price.
I am no expert of restaurants in the North, South, East or West.
But if I were to have a top 10
1. Imperial China - Trianon– am a big eater so it suits me well for lunch
2. Shabaan – a good kebab – convenience as well- Quatre Bornes
3. King Dragon or Dragon Vert – Chinese Food Quatre Bornes
4. Domaine Anna – for the setting mainly – Flic en Flac
5. Rosi Darbar- Indian food – Port Louis - not cheap but good quality-
6. Le Ravinal- Chinese food - Port Louis – Value for money
7. There is an Indian restaurant at Trianon Shopping Park which is quite good as well

Comment Author Maraye-Ip Lavina / Aug 19, 2011
1.First chinese resto-Delicious japanese tofu
2.Aline-Poulet croustillant n bol renverse
3.Luigi`s-Yummy pizzas au feu de bois
4.Don Camillo-Grand Baie
5.Dragon Vert

Comment Author ESha Raggoo / Sep 13, 2011
1.Comlone Resto :Nouvelle France -chinese and Mauritian food rapid service n tasty
2. Chez Pepe: Flic En Flac-Italian Food very Original
3. Ebony Resto : La Marie-Traditional Mauritian Food very tasty
4. Shamiana Resto: Rose hill- Fine Indian Cuisine ..delicious
5. King Dragon:La louise Quatre Bornes-gastronomie chinois -Rapid service n best chinese food

Comment Author MuR / Mar 3, 2012
1. Bistrot Grand Baie especially sushi lovers-quality service/calm and great food
2. Domaine Anna- mixed european and chinese food/great place and awesome place to be on friday nights
3. Grand Ocean- for the sunday dim sums
4. Chez Coollen- Pointe aux Canonniers-Value for money seafood restaurant/great view/cosy/great service
5 Chinese wok- chinese restaurant in curepipe

Comment Author Priya / May 1, 2012
1. KFC- Mauritius- Crispy Strips/ Nuggets/ Zinger
2. Comlone- Nouvelle France- Calamar Croustillant
3. Ah Youn- Vacoas- Chinease
4. Imperial China- Ebene- SautE Agneau
5. Le Tamarina- Vacoas- Sizzling Calamar

Comment Author Diksha Riddhi / Aug 6, 2013
1. Domaine Anna - Flic En Flac - Chinese Food
2. Rozi Darbar - Port Louis - Indian Food
3. Ravinale - Port Louis - Chinese Food
4. Comlone - Nouvelle France - Chinese Food
5. Happy Rajah - Grand Bay Super U - Indian Food

Comment Author vellen / Oct 27, 2013
1 Indian summer Indian food ,special dhal
2 Comlone Nouvelle France
3 Le Capitaine restaurant grand bay ,best seafood by the seaside
4 Aline ,good Chinese served quickly
5 Namaste ,good indian but not cheap

Comment Author popoy / Apr 16, 2015
ton snack-petit raffray-mine bouille poulet oeuf miroir



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