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Efficiently using our website

1. Post a Listing/ Advertise your company 

To post a listing, the user is requested to register. This is so to avoid spams and malicious usage of the website.

2. Register with


Registering with us is very simple. In the accounts area on the Top Right of the page, click on Register.  You will be directed towards our Register Page. You will be required to supply a Username and Password for login purpose.

Once registered, you will be sent an activation link to your supplied email address.   Check you mail and click on the activation link to activate your account.

Congratulations ! You are done, and now you can use our website !

Please note that your personal information will be kept confidential.         

3. Get Listed


My Listing Page


Login by using your Username and Password in the Account Area. You will be directed to your listing page to enter new listings . 

You will be required to select the category in which your company will be listed. Submit your listings by providing the necessary information as per the fields provided. You will find that 

Our site offers several listing options as compared to other directories. Examples are geotagging via google maps, youTube videos etc. Make the most of these facilities.  

Once completed, our team will check you listing and approve it if appropriate within 24 hrs. You will be informed via email accordingly.

Note: Kindly avoid spam. This will involve a banning from the directory altogether.

4. Using Google Map 

Google Map

Tagging yourself on Google Map is simple. If you have your exact GPS coordinates, input them in the Longitude and Latitude field provided.

Else use the Select Coordinates to display the google map as shown on the left. Using your mouse, locate yourself and move the red marker accordingly.


5. Searching for information / Listings

Search Box Type the information that you want in the search box and press Go. The listings which suits your search will appear.

6. Reviewing/ Commenting/ Rating listings, articles and news

rating system The great thing about this directory website is that it provides community participation to whatever is posted on it. With the review functionality, a user can rate a listing, article or news and post comments. This provides valuable feedback to the businesses being listed but also valuable information to other users of the website. 

7. Increasing/ Decreasing Font Size


increase font Our website is customizable to the users need. Having difficulty in reading our website. Our website a offers the users the ability to increase or decrease the font size suiting their vision. Simply click on the A- A A+ at the top of the webpage to adjust the font size.

8. Adjusting screen Size


Adjust Screen Size Want to adjust the website to your screen size. We offer this functionality which optimize screen usage for our website. 
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