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That awkward moment - by

Awkward moment no1

That awkward moment when you wake up at 6.30 pm and know that your night gona be hell trying to sleep again...

Awkward moment no2

That awkward moment when your best friend tells u 'I love u' and u don't know what to say...

Awkward moment no3

That awkward moment when u've revised the whole night taking energy drinks, coffee and all and can't remember anything at the exam...

Awkward moment no4

That awkward moment when u see ur boyfriend with a very cute girl at a restaurant while he cancelled a date with you due to some 'urgent issues'...

Awkward moment no5

That awkward moment when you are walking with your new girlfriend and bump into you ex girlfriend you just ditched the day before....

Awkward moment no 6

That awkward moment when your boss tells u to come to office on Saturday but that you have ur first date with a charming girl on that day and such dates occur only once in a blue moon...

Awkward moment no 7

Girl: You told me that you loved me, What are you doing with her

Boy: But I never told you I loved only you and I have a big heart..

Awkward moment no 8

That awkward moment for a model on the cat walk when she misses one step and realises that her dress is on the floor...

Awkward moment no 9

That awkward moment when you add someone you don't know on facebook looking apparently for friendship but who ends up wanting to date and do it with you right from the first conversation...

Awkward moment no10

That awkward moment when you reach the examination room for statistics and realise that you left your calculator at home in the living room ...

Awkward moment no11

That awkward moment when you are fed up with asking someone to repeat what he was saying and say 'ok' just to cut short the conversation...

Awkward moment no12

That awkward moment, when u meet the person u've been chatting with on Facebook for hours and hours, and both don’t know what to say at that moment…. :S

Conclusion: Facebook helps to create virtual relations, but at times disconnects us from true relations…


Apr 26, 2012



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