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Qualities of a good prime minister - General Paper Essays – Higher School Certificate

General Paper Essays – Higher School Certificate – Qualities of a good prime minister/political leader

It is important in this type of essay to go by examples in such a case. Use both local and international examples to demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic.

·         Embodies the values, principles, and habits which are relevant to the society he is meant to represent

·         A good prime minister has a good vision – SSR, Gandhi

·         He has good leadership qualities and can manage his team effectively (choosing the most competent ones) – Tony Blair, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth

·         Does not interfere in the working of the administration or gives privileges to his personal kiths and kins nor does he accept such practices from his ministers

·         Works hard and delegates responsibilities effectively

·         Respects democratic principles and institutions and is able to accept good ideas which may come from the opposition

·         Has good communication skills and can foster national unity – communicates on his actions and does not use the divide and rule strategy (Barrack Obama, Tony Blair)

·         Has the interest of the population at heart and can lead by examples ,is not blinded by power

·         In the modern and globalised world, can speak at least two international languages

·         Provides a good image of the country it leads through his presentation and ability to understand critical issues- has good diplomatic aptitudes and is able to negotiate effectively

·         Listens to his fellow citizens, (is close to them) but also takes difficult decisions when the need is felt

·         Ensures that development is in the best interest of all and not a few (SSR through his policy of universal education)

·         Does not commit or engage in illegal practices such as bribery, or selling arms

Balance the essay in the conclusion to say that very rarely even the best prime ministers are able to have all these qualities, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton (1887) and this is why a prime minister for life is very unlikely.

Apr 6, 2012



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