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Joke Kreol Morisien no 6-10 - Mauritian Jokes - Blagues en Creole Morisien

Joke no 6: Zistoir canar dan bar

Sanne la ene vier joke sa:

Ene canard rentre dans ene la pharmacie, li dimane pharmacien si li van Rhum

Pharmacien la dire li - Non missier canard nu pas van Rhum

Canard la redimander - Eski ou van Rhum

Pharmacien la redir li - Non missier canard nu pa van Rhum ek ki ou pou fer ek Rhum la?

Canard la redimander - Eski ou van Rhum

Imper irriter Pharmacien la dire li: Non nou pas vander eke si ou redimander mo pou donne ou ene coute bal

Canard la alors dir li: Eski ou ena bal

Pharmacien la dire li - Napena

Canard la dir li - Eski ou ena Rhum

Joke no.7 : C'est koi en consultan?

C koi ene consultan?

Ene consultan c ene dimoune ki ou paie ene gros cass pou ki li dire ou seki ou deza conner...

Joke no.8 - Anglais Potis

Picpac: Allo qui maniere, Ticolo? Tou correk?


Ticolo: My English professor has asked me to speak English only: Let us

speak English. This will improve my English knowledge.

Picpac: OK, what are you called?

Ticolo: Ticolo: and you?

Picpac: Picpac.

Ticolo: Where do you rest?

Picpac: At Four Coconut. And you?

Ticolo: At Red Earth near a halfbig shop.

Picpac: It is husband hot in this stadium.


Ticolo: You have reason. I am transpirating! How are you doing at


Are you breaking the packet?

Picpac: Yes, my father told me if I fail, my saucepan will be hot.

Ticolo: I gain thirsty. Have you something to drink?

Picpac: Yes, I have some dead water. Do you want some?

Ticolo: Yes. Thank you. If you gain hungry, I have got fried apple of the earth.

Picpac: No. Thank you. I have bought some dholl rotten with curry big weight.

Ticolo: Are you taking part in the sports?

Picpac: No. I am blessed in the foot.

Ticolo: What have you got?

Picpac: The baby of curry rock fell on it.

Ticolo: Do you hurt much?

Picpac: Of course! I saw lightnings.

(Suddenly there was a commotion in the centre of the field and many pupils had assembled)


Ticolo: Stay here. I am going to see what arrived

(A few minutes later, he returns and announces):

A boy fell down without knowledge. The professor says it is because of the sun. He is called zoreille. Do you know him?

Picpac: Yes, but he is not my army. He is a coconut eater. It is not easy with him.

Ticolo: Look at the small boy. He wants to run with a big. He will not be capable.

Picpac: I know him. He runs quickly. Small knife cut big pumpkin. His sister is a beautiful thirty-five. I am trying to put her in a circle, but I have no money. I am waiting for my condemned box to fill. Now my hand is under rock.

Ticolo: We must marry picker. I give you money.

Picpac: Don't tell her brother. If he knows, he will untie our race. He is a small chilli.

Ticolo: Are you to rest here a long time?

Picpac: No. If I felt an occasion, I am going to break the pause at Rose-Hill.

(He stood up and inadvertently crushed his friend's foot)


Ticolo: Eh, you monkey, you are blessing me again. You cannot make attention.

Picpac: Sorry, my black.

Joke no 8: Poem morisien comik


 les temps mo guette toi, mo pense loin...  

Les temps mo coster r toi, mo gagne plein...
Les temps mo trap toi,
mo envi dir toi ale prend ene bain,
ek pa blier met parfin...
Lot fois la, le temps nou ti dans jardin,
to ti met ene linge fin,
mo ti trouve to les reins,
ki fer moi pense ban ethiopiens,
ki p creve de faim...
Les temps to promener to li chien,
wa dir li pli malin (ki toi),
mo gagne chagrin,
ki pena vaccin,
pou vin malin...
Mais enfin,
nou p approche la fin,
parski requin,
mem si li gagne faim,
li pas mange di pain....        

Joke no 9 : Balgobin et Miss

Miss poz kestion dans class : ' ena 5 zoizos lor pied, chasseur tire coute bal, touy 1, combien rester?'
les reste zenfant: '5 minus 1 , faire 4! 4 rester miss'
Miss poz mem kestion balgobin.
Balgobin replies ' cekin crever la li rester, les reste la pou envoler kan tane tapaz'
Miss says: 'reponse la ti 4 mem, mais mo apprecier to maniere penser'
Balgobin: 'be miss mo cav pose ou un kestion moi?
Miss : 'biensure'
Balgobin: 'ena 3 zoli madame kuma ou,pe mange sorbet, 1er la pe lisse sorbet la, 2eme la in met la moitie sorbet dans la bouche, ek 3eme la in fonce sorbet la net dans la bouche..Lakel ki madame marier la ladans? '
'Miss in fini vine rouge. Apres 4--5second li prend courage li repon, 'be cekin fonce sorbet la net dans la bouche....',
ek miss pli rougi encore.
Balgobin: 'Non d'apres l'ordre reponse c cekine met bague l'alliance la, mais mo apprecier ou maniere penser'

Joke no 10 : Eski to pou remarier?

Ene boug ti p allonzer lor so lili et li ti pre pou mort

Li dimane so madam: ‘Cherie to pou remarier kan mo mort?’

So madam dire li oui

Li dimane so madam: ‘Eski to pou cui couscous pou li?’

So madame reponne li ‘non’

Boug la dimane li kifer

Madam la reponne ‘paski li pas content couscous’

May 13, 2012



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