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Why do travellers choose package holidays? Travel and tourism A level (HSC) and O level

There are two main reasons why travellers opt for package holidays.

1. Convenience - The tour operator builds the package for the customer. Therefore the customer does not have the hassle of contacting all the different service providers whether accommodation, transport, transfer or other services such as tour guiding etc. At the same time, the customer does not have to waste time contacting them and saves money as it would involve a cost somehow to contact all of them.

2. Cost - Package holidays are built through bulk buying by the tour operator at advantageous prices as they are usually subject to discounts. Even if the tour operator applies a mark up on the price, it nevertheless remains cheaper than the price proposed by the individual service providers. Hence, the customer saves money by going for package holidays.

At the exam, you may be asked to discuss. In such cases, you can argue that the product is not necessarily tailor made for the customer, hence full customer satisfaction may not be obtained.

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