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The Administrative Cadre in Mauritius - Le cadre administratif a Maurice

Understanding the hierarchy in the Public Service in Mauritius

When scandals burst in the Government very often we hear terms AS, PAS, PS, SO, SCE and Sec to Cab. These terms designate the officers forming part of the Administrative Cadre. In this article, a definition of each term will be given so that some light is shed on their respective roles.

The role of the Administrative Cadre in Mauritius.

According to the PRB Report 2008, the Administrative Cadre falls under the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s Office.  It provides support to the machinery of government in designing, formulating and implementing government policies.’


The Administrative Cadre (or Admin Cadre for short) is that category of officers employed by Government who in the end manage the public service and who ensure that the decisions of the Government are effectively and efficiently implemented. This is a very simple way of putting things but in a nutshell sums up its basic role which entails several implications and responsibilities. The Admin Cadre has this very important role of ensuring that public funds are properly and judiciously used in compliance with existing rules and regulations. The complexity of the Admin Cadre’s job lies in its ability in implementing the vision of the Ministers in office in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

The Hierarchy in the Administrative Cadre

AS stands for Assistant Secretary who starts at the lowest rung of the Admin Cadre ladder ie at the lowest end of the Administrative Cadre. In Mauritius, as at 10 January 2011, there were 126 Assistant Secretaries with 11 of them being assigned Actingship as Principal Assistant Secretary (PAS).  The Assistant Secretary usually reports to his Principal Assistant Secretary though there is no hard and fast rule. Depending on circumstances, the Assistant Secretary may also report directly to the Permanent Secretary on specific files.

The initial basic salary of an Assistant Secretary is Rs 19,600 (PRB errors and Omissions Report 2008)

The Principal Assistant Secretary has a high level managerial role and supervises the work of the Assistant Secretaries and specific sectors/dossiers of the Ministry. The responsibilities of the Principal Assistant Secretary are much wider than those of an Assistant Secretary and he reports to the Permanent Secretary mainly. In Mauritius there were 65 PASs as at 10 January 2011.

The basic salary of a Principal Assistant Secretary is Rs 42,500 according to the Pay Research Bureau report of 2008.

Higher up the ladder is the Permanent Secretary(PS) who is usually the accounting officer of the Ministry. Ultimately especially in small Ministries, the Permanent Secretary is the one who is responsible for the good running of the Ministry. In French, the translation is ‘Chef de Cabinet’.

The basic salary of the PS is Rs 87,500 (PRB report 2008)

In bigger Ministries like the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, the Permanent Secretary has to report to the Senior Chief Executive (SCE).

The salary of an SCE is Rs110,000.

The highest rung of the Administrative Cadre is the Secretary to Cabinet also known as Secab or Sec to Cab. The latter is the Administrative Head of the Civil Service as well.

The salary of the Secab is Rs 145,000.

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