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Stress: the greatest disease/illness/scourge/curse of this century – remedies/solutions to stress – impacts of stress – Draft for discussion

Word of caution: This article is purely based on non expert knowledge of the writer and is by no means a scientific paper. You are invited to comment, criticize and suggest about anything you may deem relevant or incorrect or improper.

The modern world is suffering from a weird type of disease or illness and its name is ‘Stress’. Stress is a strange sensation, a kind of uneasiness that consumes us. It can weaken our body and mind and at times may lead to several issues such as depression and poor morale. In a way, ‘worry’ could be another way of saying ‘stress’. Stress has increased in society as the latter gets more and more complex and those evolving in it have to face greater and greater challenges.  Stress needs not be associated with responsibility as you might read on the Internet. You may be worried about something such as an uncle’s or boyfriend’s illness for which you are not responsible but simply because you care.  Rather than responsibility the elements of control and concern have to be factored in. The more a situation is in control the lesser the stress, and conversely the more it goes out control (irrespective of whether you are directly involved but how far you are concerned) the higher the stress level will be.

10 solutions to stress

1)  Manage it– give yourself achievable objectives and plan your life and activities properly. Get rid of what worries or bothers you even if at times it may entail difficult decisions. Live a balanced life and eat healthily. Be down to earth and stop imagining the worse. Think positively.

2)  Accept that there are contingencies to life and take them as an opportunity rather than a hassle

3)  Do your best but do not be overperfectionist – we are not flawless

4)  Build a yourself a philosophy of life – Everything that happens, occurs for some reason and you should reason out to yourself why these happen and not try to control them or even feel responsible for everything around you. Realise that you are not God – you cannot control everything.

5)  Accept your weaknesses – trying to prove that you are always right will cause undue stress. Be humble enough that you are just a human being part of the 7billion world population and that no one is perfect especially you.

6)  Find out ways and means to forget the stress :- Sports and massages provide good ways of forgetting the stress and relieve the body of toxins. Yoga helps you to master your breath and also your pulse which is a good way of managing your stress.

7)  Do things that you like:- the best way of stressing yourself is by doing things you dislike. If you don’t like your job, your boss and all that goes along with it, your stress will tend to be higher. And if you cannot do otherwise go to point no. 1.

8)  Learn to say ‘No’:- people tend to overburden themselves by accepting all types of commitments. This is the best way of putting pressure on yourself. This is related to point 1 but has to be emphasized because we tend to have a kind heart. Remember, your health is priceless overburdening yourself will cause useless periods of fatigue and nervousness. Do your job well but do not overdo.

9)  Sleep 7-8 hours daily – the best natural de-‘stresser’ is sleep. You will feel more relaxed and more in control. Go to sleep early and wake up early to plan your day and manage your life properly.


10)  Be detached and speak out your issues with those close to you and who you can trust. Do not hold them within. Do not make others worries become yours neither. You can help to some extent but you cannot take ownership of other people’s actions especially if you have already given your advice. This is a little more difficult to do especially when it comes to the parental situation.


Why stress?

Stress is the physical and mental response to various situations whereby the person is being stretched.  There are both positive and negative forms stress as on the one hand it can enable a person perform better and on the other it can wreck havoc in the life of the individual. This is what we will call the BAD stress.

The bad Stress often arises as a result of setting oneself targets one cannot achieve. Indeed, trying to do more than one can do leads a state of helplessness and fear of failure which can be perceived as stress. Stress can also be the result of having a lot to do in little time or by building expectations about oneself which are not really achievable.

Stress also results from a state of idleness which hyperactive people can difficultly sustain. People who do not have a sane hobby such as sports will lend themselves to stress.  To some extent, we are all stressed but the degree of stress and the ability to manage varies from one person to another.


Consequences of bad stress

·       Stress generally leads to increased pulse making sleep difficult hence may lead to insomnia.

·       Stress  can cause you to be always irritated and react impulsively in difficult situations

·       Stress is said to be one of the causes of cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure or cholesterol

·       Stress may cause hair loss

·       Stress may cause people to smoke and drink which have a very short term soothing effect but a long term pernicious effect on the health of the individual

·       Stress may cause you to behave in a lunatic way

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