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Great Leaders of Mauritius - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) - Father of Nation


Born in a modest family on September 18 in 1900 he was the youngest child of an Indian immigrant, Moheeth Ramgoolam who left India around 1896. His ancestors came from Saran District found in the North of Bihar. The Indian immigrants had come due to the unbearable climatic conditions prevailing in that District which made life very difficult. Moheet Ramgoolam left India at the age of 18 lured by a country where he had been told that gold could be found by merely turning over stones. He came by the ship Hindoostan and worked as indentured labourer at La Queen Victoria Sugar Estate for more than 10 years. He died very early of pneumonia when SSR was only 7 years of age.

SSR lived at a time where Indian labourers were not being properly treated having barely enough to survive.  He grew up in the village of Belle Rive. He attended Bhaitkas at the start but he went to learn the European way through the Roman Catholic School found a mile away from his home before attending Bel Air Government School. He went to Curepipe Ecole Le Frere to do his petite and grande bourse. He lost his left eye at the age of 12 by which age his mother had also died. He completed his petite and grande bourse at Curepipe Boy’s Government School. He was then admitted at the Royal college where he joined Junior Cambridge. The College at that time was staffed with highly competent people having studied in the most prestigious universities in UK as Cambridge. After Royal College, he worked in the Treasury Department f the Civil Service before going for Medical studies in the UK.

While being at Royal College, Mr Mohabeer  Luckeenarain and Mr Abdool Raman Osman counted as his fellow friends who also went for studies in the UK.

At the beginning SSR’s brother, Ramlall, financed his studies until he went broke through a series of unfortunate circumstances.  (To be continued)

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